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SolarFlow – Advanced Solar Water Heater in Chennai

Solar Water Heating System ( SWHS), is commonly in applications such as hot water bathing, washing, cleaning utensils and industrial boiler feeding etc., SWHS works on thermosyphon principle which is simple and relatively inexpensive. A 100 litre per day capacity solar water heating system for hot water bathing is suitable for 3-4 people and can save upto 1500 units of electricity in a year, depending on hot water used. Electricity is expensive and is not available due to power cuts in many areas when required for heating water. Solar Water Heater, since it stores hot water in an insulated tank, provides water all the time when required. Since Chennai is exposed to good sun of upto 4 hours a day annually, Installing solar water heater at residence makes a quick payback.

With the advancement of manufacturing process and innovation in design, SOLARIZER ™ in chennai is offered with following features

  • Advanced Heat Ex-changer system that transfers heat from the collector to the tank through specially formulated fluid, meaning the copper tubes remain free from the sediments that cause blockages and performs extremely good under hard water
  • Only solar water heater manufacturer in India to have Glass enamel coated tank which prevents tank in getting corroded over a period of time and ensures life longevity
  • Full sheet German absorb-er sheet for higher efficiency.

With unmatched technical specification’s as above, SOLARIZER ™ stands unique from its competitors in terms of

  • Economical Pricing to lower the cost ownership and 30 % Upfront subsidy offered at hand
  • After Sales Service with SLA of 48 Hrs.
  • and not to mention, most importantly Customer Satisfaction.

Here’s how SolarFlow domestic customers make use of sun’s energy at their households / residences across chennai.

solarizer solar water heater with heat exchanger type installed at an residence in chennai.300 lpd solar water heater installed at an residenct near chennai 500 lpd solar water heater with glass enamel coated tank installed at an residence in chennaiThe above solar water heater systems are compatible with pressure pumps / booster pumps. On cloudy days also, if it is for a day or two, you still get warm water as water gets heated due to diffused radiation available in the atmosphere. The system is equipped with an electrical back-up heater with thermostat control in the storage tank, which is switched on when water is not sufficiently hot. So, you get hot water all the time even during rainy days.

Solarizer ™ solar water heating systems are plug and play type, hence they do not need significant maintenance. As Solarizer Ultra comes with heat exchanger, it performs extremely good even under hard water and completely avoids scale deposition in the collectors.

SOLARIZER™ solar water heating system customers are sparse across chennai area such as ambattur, anna nagar, mugappair, royapuram, koyambedu, Adyar, ecr, omr, kottivakkam, palavakkam, porur, nandambakkam, thiruverkadu, perumbakkam, vandalur, selayur, mudichur, tambaram, chrompet, pallavaram, guindy, kolathur, thiruvanmiyur, redhills, purasaivalkam, kilpauk, avadi etc., As our solar water heaters were installed across chennai, Our customers are assured of consistent performance and low cost of ownership.

So if you are looking for a similar one at your residence or industry, please feel free to call us on +91 875 440 6127 or drop a mail to us : info@soalrflow.in